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drill stem pipe for sale in Texas

We have it all, when it comes to Pipe and Tubing ~ New & Used ~ Steel and Metal Pipe, Drill Stem, Metal Rod, Oilfield Tubing, Oilfield Pipe, Reject Pipe, Pump Rod and Sucker Rod.

All Pipe and Tubing can be picked up at our pipe yard or it can be delivered to your job site. Delivery of pipe and tubing is available anywhere in the State of Texas.

Most Common Drill Stem Pipe

1- 7/8" stem pipe

2- 3/8" stem pipe

2- 7/8" stem pipe

3- 1/2" stem pipe

4- 1/2" stem pipe

5- 1/2" stem pipe

Most Common Sucker Rod

3/4" steel stringer

7/8" steel stringer

1" steel stringer

There are many applications in which our pipe and tubing can be used, some examples are below.

Fence posts

H Braces

Corner Braces

Cattle Guards

Cattle Pens & Shutes

Horse & Roping Corrals

Deer Stands






Tree and plant supports

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Special Projects

BBQ pits

Calculate Pipe Weight per Ft.

Outer Diameter in Inches
(example = 3.75 or 8.625)


Wall Thickness in Inches
(example = .325 or .750)

steel and metal pipe

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